Antenor Risk Management System

Manage your risk

By identifying and managing risk in an efficient manner you will increase the likelihood for your organisation to reach your business goals. Risk Management is a requirement in the ISO 9001:2015 and is also a vital element in any HSE management system. In the oil & gas industry, focus on risk management is fundamental, from both government and the operator companies.

Challenge for many is that excelbased riskregisters are handled as a pure paperexercise with no value added activities. Antenor therefor launch a webbased Risk Management System where your company can systematically identify, evaluate and handle risk in an efficient manner. Risk reducing actions are maintained and followed up automatically by the software and by the end of the day a user-friendly graphical analysis will aid you further to analyse the overall risk picture.

The system is platform independent and can be used via standard browsers



  • Antenor Risk Management System: A webbased system, with dynamic risk matrix and automatic follow up of actions. Statistical analysis available


ARMS has focus on actions

A challenge with many risk analyzes is that you spend a lot of time and resources to the identification and evaluation of risk but little happens afterwards. Very often we see that actions absent or, worse yet, you give the impression that risk reduction measures are made and that consequently has achieved a lower level of risk than before. The latter is dangerous and could get legal consequences.
ARMS will not let you take shortcuts. The system helps you to manage risk mitigation measures and residual risk assessment can not be done without actually actions is done.

The system has an intuitive user interface that walks users through the processing step by step through the entire process to ensure a smooth processing


When logging on to ARMS will take you straight to the system dashboard. You will have your own list of actions that you have left on you, and common priority actions. Shortcut menus and risk analyzes can also have from this picture. Again this is designed to ensure visibility of actions to be carried out

ARMS has focus on reports and analysis

We want to give our customers a good tool for the analysis of risk and the development of this. Therefore, we have developed smart solutions for users to easily be able to get a good overview of the identified risk status. When using ARMS you will be able to aggregate analyzes to view different units, work processes, etc. in an overview of the overall risk picture.

Overview will you be able to take out both in report form and visual (graphical presentation)


Although the focus of ARMS is on the handling and analysis of risk you will be able to print each analysis in pdf format for sharing externally outside the user group

Customize your own Risk matrix

Different organizations all have their own ways to measure risk levels. Also internally in some companies you may┬áneed to use different matrixes to serve different purposes, eg. riskpossibilities in addition to traditional risk. By using ARMS you will be able to create your own risk matrixes for use in different situations. Possibilities may include various matrix sizes (eg 3×3, 5×5), values, target ranges, colors on boxes etc. etc…