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By filling out the form below, we will set up your system so that you cost and risk free can use it for one month from date of delivery. Do you see that you want to use this system further on, or you need more time for testing so applies the conditions below. If you want to cancel, send an email to post@antenor.no. Your site will be deleted with all data.

  • On use after 1 month: Invoicing starts the month after testmonth. Quarterly with 14 days cancellation time and acc numbers of users and current price structure.
    • Training, system support and assistance via telephone / webinar invoiced per commenced quarter with NOK 250, –
    • Referring initially to FAQ pages for support
  • Termination can be done anytime, billed amount is not credited then. The system can then be used out period billed. Termination send written post@antenor.no
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